At Wildflowers, we don’t want just to be a participant in this great big world, we want to make it BETTER!  Through Seeds of Hope, we partner with our personal charity, El Salvador Smiles, that has been funded by our sister companies for over a decade. Wildflowers partners with Dr. Ramon Aleman, an honors graduate and maxillofacial surgeon in El Salvador, to repair devastating cleft palate birth defects and restore the dignity and self-worth that is damaged by the physical defect and the stigma that is attached to it. Our project follows babies and children through the multiple grueling surgeries that come with fully repairing a cleft palate. Malnutrition, sickness, and disease are just a few of the unfortunate issues that impact these surgeries and require extra special care from Dr. Ramon Aleman and his wife, Dr. Lupita Aleman. We are excited to continue this partnership that has already restored health and hope to so many children who would otherwise have to live out their lives with this devastating condition.

So join us in making a life-changing difference for our most innocent treasures. We look forward to sharing the results of this partnership at the end of our season!